Thursday 12 July 2018

How to make a holiday with kids easier! Part Two

Welcome to part two of how to make a holiday with kids easier! You can read part one here! So here are the rest of the tips I gathered from my fellow bloggers!

Beth from says A snoozeshade is a god send if you’ve got a little one in a pram/pushchair to protect them from the sun and helps them sleep when on the go.
A travel blackout blind is also really helpful as hotels rarely have good curtains to block out the light at nap times. – Now we have actually been using a Snoozeshade since Freddie was a few months old and we have just started using the Plus Deluxe version so this will definetly be packed into our changing bag for our holiday! Freddie doesn’t always nap but I have a feeling with the heat he might need a cat nap!

Jennifer from says Our kindles were perfect for entertaining the children on the plane on our recent holiday to Croatia – I will be packing James Lenovo tablet in his hand luggage and I will be also packing our kindle fire into Freddie’s hand luggage. Both tablets take micro SD cards so we will be putting plenty of Cbeebies onto them for the boys to watch!

Hayley from  A couple of small games/packs of cards to keep them entertained in those boring waiting around times – I am looking to get a couple of small travel games to put into either James bag or into Andy’s bag to help entertain James with him being that little bit older than Freddie.

Adrienne from  I find its all in the planning! Lots of snacks and lots of party bag gifts – Lots of snacks will be packed! Especially as Freddie is dairy free. I will have to make sure we have plenty of stuff he can eat just in case he cannot eat his in flight meal.

Luschka from says A good tip for travelling abroad with kids is to have a folder for all your travel documents and tickets and passports. Standing at immigration rummaging through suitcases looking for a letter of permission from the children's dad is really stressful! Have everything in one place and keep it there! – This is actually something we have already done! I have bought a document wallet for travelling! This already has our passports and our European health cards in!

Emma from says If you have a child with allergies, Allergy UK does a card that is available in 27 languages stating what the allergy is and it’s severity – this is something we will probably have to get as Freddie is about to undergo testing for dairy and soya issues.

Beth from says Easier said than done but TRY not to stress too much. Just take the day/night as it comes. The more you stress out it will feel more stress than it actually is– I am an absolute stress head when it comes to trips away with the boys! I have already arranged for the boys to go and stay with Nana and Gaga the weekend before we go away so mummy and daddy can sort out the packing without little hands!

Nita from says Fly legsup! Was the perfect companion on long haul flights so that my little one can snooze like he was in first class! – this is something i will have to look into as we are hoping the boys will sleep as it is a 6am flight!

Chantele from says Ear defenders if your flying with a very little one. It was Elian's first flight at 9 months old and we flew to California. The ear defenders meant the roar during take off didn't scare him. – James will be 6 when we fly and Freddie will be almost 3, but I still might take the ear defenders we have for Freddie just in case.

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