Thursday 1 November 2018

UK Swimwear review!

I used to love to going swimming when I was younger and would always wear a sporty swimsuit. But since having James and Freddie I have lost a bit of confidence in my body image. I tend to hide away under hoodies and jeans most of the time and very rarely dress up. But as we were going on our first family holiday I knew I would not be able to cover up in the heat of Majorca in jeans and hoodies all the time!

When UK Swimwear got in touch and offered to send me a couple of their items to review for our holiday I was thrilled. I was sent the Anita Rosa Faia Gypsy Island Cloe Swimsuit and Pia Rossini Julz Sequin Poncho.

UK Swimwear do Bikinis, Tankinis, Ladies Designer Swimsuits and Beach Coverups. All the items are fantastic quality and there were so many things I liked on their website!

The Pia Rossini Poncho was amazing for just throwing on for going down to the pool or going into the main hotel building from the pool. I was able to fold it up and put it into my bag when it was not in use. 

I chose to wear the Anita Rosa Swimsuit down to Alcudia Beach. As it had a very low back I knew it was idea for wearing to the beach so I wasn't left with odd tan marks like I would have been from my previous love of sporty swimsuits. This swimsuit is also available in larger than DD+ cup size which some women often complain about not being able to find. 

The suit was amazing! It was so comfortable and it was very easy to go to the loo when wearing it. I wore it again later in the week when we were around the hotel swimming pool.

These photos were taken by my husband on our hotel balcony before we headed off for the day. 

These items will definitely be packed next time we go on holiday which I hope will be very soon!

**I was sent these Items free of charge in exchange of this review, All words are my own and Photos are from my husband!**

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  1. I love the swim suit you have chosen, especially the low back.