Friday 29 March 2019

Six Toys My Six Year Old Loves

Welcome back to our fortnightly series on Things my child loves! This fortnight we are back to James who is Six Years Old and This week its all about Toys!!

So here we have six toys my six year old loves!

First off we have CB or Cranberry Bear giving his full name! This is the bear that James literally cannot sleep without! like Freddie's Moo, he came all the way to Majorca with us! When James was alot younger he would take CB literally everywhere with him. He actually went with James to nursery everyday for the full year! He started off being cuddled and then he moved into James draw and by the end of the year he was just staying in his school bag! I really think having CB with him got him through nursery!

Second we have his Dragon. Mummy actually bought this a couple of years ago in a charity shop for £3 and James has had hours of entertainment out of it! Especially as it makes noises! It was such a bargain as normally theses are at least £25

Next we have the T-Rex. James got this for his birthday last year as he is absolutely crazy about Dinosaurs and especially the T-Rex!

Now we have the Lego! Every parents worst nightmare! I literally find this all over our house!! But James loves to build things and Lego is is number one choice for building!

Next we have the Mega blocks. James adores building and currently he is using the Mega Blocks! I can remember at one point having about six or seven sculptures on my back window ledge that James had built out of mega blocks

and finally we have the Crate Creature! James saw these advertised on the tv last summer and he was desperate for one, but at £40 we were not going to just go and buy it for him, we did try and get James to earn the money for it, but that failed, so when we saw they were on offer before Christmas for just over £30 we decided to get him one and boy was he thrilled! He plays with it all the time!

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