Wednesday 17 July 2019

Why Do The Boys Wear Allergy Bracelets

So both James and Freddie wear allergy bracelets.

For James this is to remind people that he is asthmatic. We received James bracelet last year as part of a review with Butler and Grace

His has the international allergy symbol on one side and on the inside it is engraved with Asthma. James wears this everyday when he goes to school as a reminder for his teaching staff and also the dinner staff that he is asthmatic. 

We have been very lucky that James has not had any major issues with his asthma at school. I think year one and year two have been the first years where we have not had any send homes through asthma related illness. In nursery and reception I think we were on weekly send homes at one point.

For Freddie, his is a little bit different, his came from allergy buddies. His has a round charm on the middle that says No Dairy, Soya or Wheat Please. Freddie has been diagnosed as Non Ige Allergic to Dairy, Soya and Wheat. 

His allergies are quite serious, although it is not an instant reaction, like hives or his breathing being effected, Freddie's reactions are delayed and they upset his stomach and his quickest reaction had been around 30 minutes after he has ingested the allergen. 

It can also take up to three days for the allergen to be fully out of his system. It is not just food that sets off Freddie's allergies. Our biggest trigger has actually been playdoh, as it contains wheat! He doesn't even need to be playing with it for it to cause a reaction. All he needs to do is actually touch something that has it on and then put his hands in his mouth, then within a few hours he is actually really poorly. 

Freddie wears his bracelet to playgroup and he will also be wearing it to nursery to remind the staff that he needs to be kept safe from his allergens. 

I hope this helps someone who is in the same boat as we are. 

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