Monday 15 July 2019

Living Arrows 2019 28/52

Welcome to Living Arrows post 2019! If you haven't heard of the linky before, This was set up by Donna at What the Redhead Said and the name comes from the poem by Kahlil Gibran "You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth" Each week I post one photo of James and one photo of Freddie and share what they have been up to that week! 

Its been such a busy week for James! On Monday and Tuesday he had school, then Tuesday night we had parents evening which went well. Then on Wednesday He had a school trip to Walker Activity Dome for some school sports afternoon, and just like last year they were late back to school. The bus didn't arrive back till after quarter past three, so by time the kids got off the bus then into school, then they had to get changed out of their pe kits it was nearly twenty to four when we got in the house! James then had to go and get changed out of his school kit as daddy was taking him for a hair cut!

Freddie has had a lovely week in playgroup, ending the week with a visit to his new school nursery! He was so excited to visit. He absolutely loved it!

We also went to stay with nana and gaga for the night on Saturday as it was gaga's birthday and they had arranged a party.

Living Arrows

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