Thursday 22 August 2019

(AD) Review of Who hides here? Footprints in the Farm

Back in 2017, we reviewed a lovely book called Who hides here? Footprints in the garden by Rachel Coverdale, so imagine how excited we were to get an email from Rachel the other week asking if the boys would like to review her new book, Who hides here? Footprints in the Farm!

Mummy didn't tell James the book was coming as I wanted to surprise him! When we reviewed the first book, James was a very reluctant reader, but in the last few months he has suddenly come on so much and most nights you can hear him reading aloud to himself in his bed! 

The book has beautiful illustrations by Shelly Oyston, James absolutley loves the book and I have heard him reading it aloud to himself on many nights.

James still loves being outdoors and looking at nature and he has done so much in the last few months especially since he started at Beavers! He has really enjoyed his forest school sessions this year in year two and is already looking forward to them starting again in year three!!

When I asked James his favourite part in the book he said "The hairy cow" and his favourite animal in the book was "The hairy cow"

We have also been reading this book with Freddie who is almost 4 and he loves it just as much as James!

**We were sent this book free of charge in exchange for this review. All pictures are our own!**

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