Tuesday 20 August 2019

How I Use Mockups?

**Collaborative Post**

Being a blogger, I know to get attention the site needs to have brilliant graphics. I admit 
first hand I am not the best graphic designer, in fact I have never been very good at art, 
but I do love to mess around in Photoshop or other design software that I have on my 
laptop to make graphics for my blog posts or to use on my blog Facebook page.

One of the ways I to this is to do mock-ups of my header. I normally will do a redesign 
at least once a year, but quite often I will mess around in my graphic software to see if
I can create something better than what I had done previously. 

This is the latest design that I did for my blog header, but I think I will be changing it again 
pretty soon as the photograph I used was taken at the end of June before the boys finished 
school and playgroup for the summer and already, they have both grown up so much! 
James is so much taller!

When I look back at the old cover designs, I have used I can see exactly how basic the 
design was when I first started blogging. Especially once I set up the Facebook page. 
The first graphic I used on there was very basic and cartoon like. Now I prefer to add 
in photographs of us or the kids.

Bloggers are not the old people who use mock-ups, designers also do mock-ups for their 
products. My parents actually have a sublimation set up, so I have seen how mock-ups 
work first-hand. In the past they have made mugs, t shirts and hats, all with their business 
information on. This is such a good idea as it means when they go to networking events such 
as north east expo, they can hand out things like magnets with their information on and 
not just business cards. I think this is a brilliant idea!

I would love to do a sweatshirt mockup for the boys as I find it so hard to find sweatshirts 
and hoody’s I like for them. Especially as most places do not do matching in their sizes! 
James is about to turn 7 and he is starting to go into age eight to nine tops and Freddie is 
3 and he is starting to wear four to five. Plus, most of the things on the sweatshirts in 
James size are not things that interest him. The same with Freddie, he loves dinosaurs 
but trying to find sweatshirts or hoody’s for him with them on in his size is near on impossible!

Normally I do not dress the boys in matching clothes, but if we are traveling or on a big day 
out, I do like them to be wearing either the same t shirts or the same sweatshirts so I can 
spot them easily!

For example when we flew to Majorca last year both boys were wearing the same style of
camouflage tracksuit trousers and the same colour t shirts, but the only difference was the 
colour of their hoody’s as I couldn’t get one in Freddie’s size that was black like the one 
James had and I couldn’t get a blue one in James size like the one Freddie ended up wearing!

This is a recent idea I came up with for the boys! I think the design would go down really 
well with both of them! They are both crazy about the Diplodocus since we went to 
see Dippy at Great North Museum!

I hope they will like it!

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