Thursday 26 September 2019

Beavers update for James

So James turned 7 about a month ago and I really thought it was time I did an update on how he is doing in Beavers.

So in September 2018 James joined our local Beavers Colony and I have to say it was the best thing for him we could have done. He has come right out of his shell.

In March 2019 he did his first overnight stay with Beavers and gained his stage 1 nights away badge. Last week he did another night away, so I am expecting the stage two badge to appear soon.


In total in his first year he gained eleven activity badges, five staged activity badges and three challenge badges.

There are six challenge badges to be gained and when you have them all you are awarded your Bronze award which is the highest award in Beavers.

Logging into his profile on the online Scout manager I can see he has almost completed two more challenge badges and a couple of activity badges!

Before he even went back to his meetings for the new term he took part in a Beavers sports day where he tried lots of different sports including Bell Boating which has earned him the stage 1 Time on the Water badge.

If anyone was to ask me if I would recommend putting their child into Beavers I would certainly say yes do it! James absolutely adores it and really looks forward to his weekly meetings and really misses it when it is off for school holidays.

We already have Freddie's name down on the waiting list to join when he is approaching six and he's not even four yet!

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