Thursday 12 September 2019

To Freddie On Your First Day Of Nursery

Our Darling little Freddie Bear

Today is 12th of September 2019 and it is your first proper day of Nursery at the local primary school. You had an hours visit before the summer holidays and you loved it! You then had a home visit last week from your new teacher and then just a few days ago you had another one hour visit. 

Today is the start of your formal education in the school we hope you will attend till you are eleven!

You are one of the first children to start and for that mummy and daddy are so glad as James was one of the last to start so he went into a big class, where as you will be there when it is small and gets bigger. Your class is actually quite a small one, so more children may join as the year goes on. When we visited the other day you actually told me to go away!

I hope you will be ok making the change from playgroup into the school, you are pretty lucky as a few of your little friends from playgroup are making the move with you so there will be some familiar faces for you in the classroom.

Unlike James you are very used to being away from mummy as you have been going to playgroup since just after turning two for 6 hours a week then once you turned three you did 15 hours a week at the playgroup to get you ready for going into the school.

We hope you have a fantastic first day our little bear


Mummy, Daddy and James

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