Wednesday 11 October 2017

#Blogtober Day 11 Kitchen

Kitchen, What can I say about my kitchen other than I absolutely hate it!

We have now lived in our house for just over two years and its only now I am starting to get ideas about what I would like to do with the house! 

The kitchen is definitely the first room downstairs I want to work on as well it is terrible! There is definitely not enough storage! Especially for a family of four!

Our kitchen has two parts to it, The main part where the sink, table and washing machine are. Then we have the utility area which has our cooker, chest freezer, tumble dryer and fridge freezer!

They are both completely different! The main part is white and blue with a wooden daedo rail around the middle. and the utility is just white. They are different units in each room and the utility is also down a step making it much lower than the main kitchen. But what is the same about both parts is that they both lack storage!

The main part has one high double cupboard, which has little shelves on each end. Then it has one low corner cupboard and one low double cupboard. We then have four draws and a wine rack! The utility has one upper double cupboard and an upper single cupboard. Then it has a lower double cupboard and a lower single cupboard.

What I would like to do it move walls back between the main part and the utility part to open them up and bring a bit more light in, I would also like to raise the floor in the utility to make everything the same height. I would then have the same units running though both parts with some extra upper cupboards in the main part of the kitchen.

We would also add an extracter fan above the cooker. 

I would love to also knock the big walk in cupboard which is kind of under the stairs out to give us more room for a better table. 

It feels like everything is jammed into what storage we have so I would love more space! So yes this is my plans for our kitchen! And sorry there is no photos of it but it is too much of a mess!

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