Sunday 15 October 2017

#Blogtober17 Day 15 Old Photos

Old photos well I have a lot of them! That's what Facebook is good for, saving photos so you can go back and look at them years later! 

This is a photo of James on his third birthday and a photo of me when I was three! Everyone says that James really looks a lot like me at the same age. In fact James once thought this photo was actually him with a wig on! This is actually one of my favourite photographs of me as a child!

I really cannot see anything of Freddie in me as a child yet. I think Freddie looks more like his daddy!

I love looking back at old photos as they bring back so many memories. This one of me for example was June 2008 in Dublin just a couple of months before I met Andy. I had gone to Dublin for a few days with my best friend Michelle so we could go and see Westlife at Croke Park. We really didn't pack for the weather as when my flight landed a few hours before Michelle's it was scorching hot and I had to ring Michelle back in Aberdeen and tell her to bring summery clothes and I had to go and buy a few bits! 

This was taken on O'Connell Bridge over the River Liffy.

This is me and Andy the first time I went down to Surrey to stay with him and we went to Thorpe Park for Fright Night! The maze we went into was absolutely terrifying and I can remember shaking like a leaf when we got out! We had had to queue for hours as the Maze kept braking down! Lucky it was a nice day and we had friends with us in the queue!

This was also the day I met Andy's mum and dad for the first time! I totally fell in love with Thorpe Park this day and it was the first of many visits!

Some of the best photos for me to look back on are the ones from our wedding day. Even though I was ill, it really was the best day of my life! 

The photo of me and my dad was taken by my cousin Pete and it is one of my favourite photographs from the day.

The one of me and my mum, on the wall behind me is actually my mum and dads wedding photograph.

We were married on March 19th 2011 at the Sun Hotel in Warkworth, which is actually the village my mum and dad now live in!

My honeymoon definitely holds some special memories so looking at those always makes me happy although it was our last holiday. We visited SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom and my complete favourite was Discovery Cove where we got to swim with the Dolphins. 

The Dolphins we had at our experience were called Yoshi and Dexter and well I totally fell in love with them!

We also met Mickey and Minnie Mouse when we were at Magic Kingdom. There is actually a Christmas shop all year round at Magic Kingdom and we bought some Mickey and Minnie bell decorations for our tree that we have used every year since we moved into our  first flat in the North East in 2012.

Another photo that holds memories is this one my cousin took of my Nannie with James when he was about six months old.

James adored my Nannie and we both miss her very much. He was 21 months old when she died and he still remembers her and talks about her now. 

I really wish she had met Freddie as he really is such a little bruiser and the total opposite of his big brother! 

So for me I use old photographs to preserve special memories of special times.


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