Friday 13 October 2017

#Blogtober Day 13 Movies

So today is all about movies. I used to love a good romcom, but since having the boys I love nothing more than watching a family film with them. 

James went through a stage of wanting to watch the same film over and over again when he was a bit older than Freddie is now. We went through a stage of watching Bolt three or four times a day. It was the same with the Thomas movies! He would come home from nursery at 12 and all afternoon it would be Thomas or Bolt! 

Freddie, however has not reached the age to sit and watch a film. Not that I haven't tried! He just prefers to keep himself busy with toys on the floor!

When I was at university, it was in the days of Woolworths and cheap DVDs so I had loads of girlie films on VHS and DVD. 

My favourite all time film is Grease, closely followed by Mama Mia! Both of them I have seen on stage too! Grease I saw in Manchester when I was at university and Mama Mia I saw on Broadway when I went to New York with my best friend! 

So yes this is a short but sweet post as both me and James have been ill.


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