Saturday 7 October 2017

#Blogtober Day7 Goals

Now what can I say about goals? For me when I think of goals I always thing back to 1999 when Manchester United scored two last minute goals to win the European Cup.

I was 14 years old and in year nine at school. I was so excited that my united had reached the final of such a historic competition.

When the day came I was so excited. Looking back now I feel so sorry for my friend's as it was all I went on about that day. I remember being on the sofa watching kick off.

The horror that struck in the sixth minute when Bayern Munich of Germany took the lead really upset me. It got to the stage where I couldn't watch so I went to my room. My mum was downstairs and my dad was in their room. 

As I watched the clock I decided to put the match on in my room, even if we were to get beat I still wanted to see my team collect there medals. Then United got a corner. We had everyone behind the ball, even our goalkeeper, Peter Schmeichael, came up! That confused the Bayern defence, suddenly the ball was in the net! Teddy Sherringham had equalised! I started screaming! We were heading for extra time, play kicked off and United were on fire! The players knew they had a chance! I still remember the words of the itv commentator "Giggs! Sherringham! And Solskjaer has won it!" 

With in minutes I can vaguely remember jumping on my parents bed and mum coming running up! We were all so happy! Seeing my team achieve their dream was amazing! I still go back onto YouTube now and watch the goals and show the boys.

So yes goals, two goals from SaS! Sherringham and Solskjaer! 



  1. I love foitball and support Man United too!! Been to watch them at old Trafford about 7 times when i was younger!! #Blogtober17 (Lucie Aiston)

  2. I love this post - I'm not a football fan but I can imagine how excited you must have been! #Blogtober