Monday 2 October 2017

#Blogtober DayTwo - Babies

So the prompt is babies!

These are my two babies! 

James is my oldest who is 5 and boy does he hate being called a baby! 
He's just started his second year of primary school and he totally loves it! James has blonde hair and bright blue eyes and he knows exactly how to use his eyes to twist everyone round his little finger! 
He can be a little devil at times! Very demanding and boy if he does get his own way you will certainly know about it! He is a very loving and sweet boy though! He loves his daddy more than anyone else and yes that includes his mummy!

Now Freddie really is my baby. He's almost two and such a mamas boy! 
He looks very much like his brother with the blue eyes and blonde hair! 
He loves nothing more than snuggling up next to mama and either playing with Siri or listening to a story! His current favourite is that's not my hedgehog. 
He seems to have been a baby much longer than James was! I'm guessing this is due to him walking later and starting to talk more later! He is very cheeky and fast! If you leave a door open he is off! He loves having snuggles with mummy in his carrier.

So that is all about my two gorgeous babies!


  1. Aww! They are adorable.
    My youngest is 10 and will always be my baby. She hates me calling her that. hehehe x

  2. Ahh lovely. My eldest is 5 too, and I always call him my baby boy and he HATES it. I try telling him he will always be my baby boy but it doesn't stick =D

  3. My grandson is nearly three and he hates being called my baby! I'm a big boy Nanny! And so he is #blogtober17

  4. Aww, they're both such cuties! I think the staying a baby for longer is definitely a second born thing - I'm the same with Gabe :) #Blogtober

  5. What cuties! Oscar is the same with baby gates as doors - if he spots one left open he is faster than bolt! #blogtober17