Friday 6 April 2018

A DITL of a Blogging Mummy in School Holidays!

So as it's Easter holidays for 5 year old James, I currently have both him and 2 year old Freddie at home 24/7. My blogging days are so different in the holidays to term time, So I decided to do a post detailing what happens, especially on a day daddy is at work!

Both kids are normally up and about by 7am at the latest so it's downstairs we go. The boys settle on sofa watching milkshake on 5 while I head into the kitchen to make my first cup of tea of the day and get the boys some cereal. 

One the boys have their cereal I will sit down with my tea and start checking my emails. Starting with the blog account and then going onto my personal account. I star things that need replying to and delete things that are junk mail. 

By the time I have finished the boys are normally shouting for more food, so I get them their second breakfasts and I will grab another cup of tea then I head upstairs have a quick shower or bath. Then once I'm ready I will be back downstairs to where daddy has been holding the fort before he leaves for work around nine am.

Depending on the weather it depends on what we will do for the rest of the day. We've had a lot of wet days so far this holiday so we haven't been venturing out and it's been a lot  of snuggling on the sofa with Netflix and Amazon prime. By around ten am my phone battery will need charging so I will plug it in downstairs and grab my iPad.

The boys will quite happily watch a film on Netflix or Amazon prime, so I will use this time to check social media and start scheduling on Facebook and Twitter. I then go into Evernote on my iPad which is where I do the majority of my post drafts as I can access it on my phone, iPad or laptop. I also keep a list on here of things I need to do for blog posts. I will sit and draft out some posts and come up with titles for posts ready to copy into blogger later on that night!

By around 12 the boys are wanting lunch so I put the phone or iPad away and go make us some lunch. After we have eaten we might play with the toy cars, Freddie's Beatbo or some of the other toys in the toy box. If it is a nice day we might take a walk to the local park or go to the local shop as we will nine times out of ten need to buy more milk!

Around 3pm I will put another film or TV series on to keep the boys amused while I go and cook the tea. This is normally done and ready by half four for the boys to eat. 

Wind down time will start after tea. If Freddie has not napped he is put into his pjs and he will snuggle up on my knee with some milk and CBeebies. I try and keep him awake till at least 6pm then it's up to his bedroom with more milk which he has lying down in his bed while I put his night nappy on.

Once he's asleep I'm back downstairs to James who will be watching CBeebies or playing on his tablet. I will then finally open up my laptop and log into blogger. I will copy posts over from Evernote into blogger and schedule them on Facebook and Twitter. Andy will get home around quarter to 7 so he will have his tea, then take James up to bed between 7 and half 7. I've just started to take on paid blogging jobs, so I will browse sites like Get Blogged to see what opportunities have been released and put some pitches in.

I will normally try and shut the laptop down by 8pm at the latest and go to bed and browse social media then I try to read a book on the kindle app on my iPad.

So this is my day in the life in the school holidays, If anyone has any tips on working more around the kids or things I could do then drop me an email!

**This post is in collaboration with Get Blogged!**

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