Tuesday 3 April 2018

Holiday Shopping

This year is going to be our first family holiday abroad! As we are not going away till October but all the summer clothes will not be in the shops any more so I am starting now to get bits for the boys to wear!

Our first bits have come from Pep & Co and Tesco. 

From Pep & Co James got a vest top and a t-shirt and Freddie got two t-shirts. I chose to get James clothes in a size 6-7 and Freddie's 3-4. James will be six by then and Freddie almost three, but he is well into 2-3 tops now and has been for a good few months, so by getting age 3-4 I am guaranteed they will fit him and he will get get a lot of wear out of them!


I love that Pep & Co have gone into our local Poundland shop, The only downside is they do not normally have much in stock so when I was in trying to get clothes for the boys I did struggle to find what I was looking for.

At Tesco we got the boys some shorts. I chose to get them both the same colours of light and dark grey as I thought most colours would go with them.

We do have quite a lot of shorts in the boys wardrobes from the last couple of years in size 2-3 as James is quite skinny and last summer still fit into age 2-3, so I will be trying them all on to him over the next few months so I can decide which still fit him and which ones can be packed for Freddie!

Stay tuned for more holiday clothing posts and other holiday bits in the next few months!

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