Saturday 14 April 2018

My Perfect Office Area

As a stay at home/work at home mum, I literally have to take what little time I have to do my blogging.

My desk is in one corner of the lounge with Andy’s in the opposite corner behind me. Andy has the corner where the plug sockets are so my laptop has to slide down the side of one of our units to charge as there is no socket by my desk. It also gets turned into a dumping ground for James and all his school stuff!

We have been in our house nearly three years yet we haven’t managed to decorate our lounge yet! 

What I would love to do is where my desk is, I would love to have a couple of shelves, something like the Ekby Alex from IKEA would be amazing as it has two draws as well so I would have the shelf to display things and then the draws to hide things away from the boys! In the drawers I would put things like my tapes and pens away from James as he always trying to borrow them! He seems to forget he has his own pens and pencils to use but I think mummy's always seem to be much more interesting to him!

I also love this HOME Cube shelving unit from Argos. This would give me a lot of storage to get things up off my desk like my pen pots and pencil case, which in turn would give me more space to work and also to use my desk for photographing products for blog posts!

I would also be able to put up some photographs of us as a family in the smaller cubes! I would hopefully be able to hang my twine photo holder off the bottom of this as currently it it held onto the wall with blue tac and it keeps falling down!

Another big issue I have is not having a place to store letters that come home from school. 

This desk tidy from IKEA would fit perfect on the desk and would take a lot of my paper work off my desk and I would be able to put my phone into it as well so if I got an alert I would see the screen flash instead of having to get up and go across the room to get my phone! 

It would also mean I would have to go through my school paper work more often as at the moment I tend to only go through it at the end of term and end up filling the bin with paper work that is no longer needed!

My current desk is the HOME Calgary Corner Office Desk from Argos. I do love it but the boxes are a lot smaller than the IKEA kallax unit so the kallax boxes also from IKEA do not fit meaning I have to store things on the shelves where the boys can get to them or they are on the desktop leaving me with very little space to work, meaning I end up on the sofa with the laptop on my knee getting distracted by the TV!

I really do like this desk but if I had more space then I would love to have something like this HOME Tall Unit also from Argos as it would take up a little bit less space! 

I love the fact it has a small shelf and also quite a big draw where I would be able to keep papers shut away from the boys! The only downside I can see with this desk is the shelf is quite small and the draw is not very deep. 

So these are things I would love to have to make my working area a bit more user friendly. I think having a more user friendly working area in our house would encourage me to sit and work without the TV being on to distract me!!!

All going to plan I will be updating a post soon on what we have done to make my desk area more user friendly!

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