Wednesday 11 April 2018

What's in My Changing Bag?

So now that Freddie is two years 4 months old, I thought it was about time I did an updated post about what I keep in my changing bag for him and also for James, who is five and a half.

First of all my bag is a Babymule Original in the Black and Grey (RRP £63.00) I bought this bag when Freddie was about ten months old as I had been struggling with my old bag with getting everything into the bag for both boys. I chose to get this bag after many friends told me how amazing it was! The best thing about this bag is the fact it can be clipped to the pram with the built in clips, it can be a messenger bag and it can also be turned into a backpack. When the messenger strap and the backpack straps are not in use they can be hidden away!

So what do I keep in my bag! The bag comes with a complete essentials kit which includes an essentials pouch, which can be used as an insulated cool bag or a nappy pouch, a padded changing mat, a Neoprene bottle insulator and a small purse which contains a wet bag!

So in the big back pocket which also has a zip pocket and a net pocket I keep the small purse with the wet bag folded up inside, I keep my purse in this pocket along with a spare set of clothes for Freddie, which includes vest, trousers, t-shirt, socks and long sleeved top! There is also a small first aid kit containing calpol, plasters, spoon, syringe etc which is definitely needed with a child as clumsy as Freddie!

In the next pocket I keep the essentials pouch with nappies, wipes, nappy bags and nappy cream in here. I also keep a folding toilet seat in here for James as it makes the seat size smaller and James sometimes gets a bit scared of big toilets. I  will also sometimes slip in Freddie’s drink bottle as it quite often gets lost in the basket under the pram!

In the small front pocket I use the neoprene bottle holder now to keep hand sanitiser in. I also use this pocket to keep a small pencil case with a pen and a USB cable inside. I also keep my power bank in this pocket too. I never go anywhere without my power bank and USB cable. In fact the cable I have can have an adaptor clipped onto it to turn it into a lightning cable for my iPad. There is also a little tin of lip balm, spare gloves for Freddie and an blue inhaler and spacer which can be used for either James or Freddie if it is needed.

The small pocket on the top/side (depending on which mode the bag is in!) I normally have  a packet mints in here along with the messenger bag strap if it’s not in use.

I have even used this bag without the kids for just me! When myself and Andy had to do down to Surrey recently I used the bag on the coach for my stuff and had my flask of tea, headphones, iPad etc in. 

The bag is comfy as it has padded straps and also a padded back. There is also a waist strap for extra comfort! I will definitely be using this bag as my hand luggage when we go to Majorca in October! The whole having two pockets will mean I can keep my things and Freddie's separate on the flights and in the airports!


  1. One thing about changing bags is they do last! I've had mine for years and it still going strong. I hope that soon I can stop taking one everywhere!

  2. I love all of these changing bags that there are now, they look so amazing and such a lot of thought has gone in to them. I don't really need a changing bag anymore and I find that I miss having one!

  3. This was interesting. As a mother if twins I always felt I took half the house with me wherever I went so lovely to hear how someone else does it and what essentials they need. Lovely post

  4. I love a good changing bag post! The Babymule is fab - I have this one in navy xx

  5. Love noseying through these posts, can never get enough info about what to pack.

  6. I really want to get one of these but can't justify it at the moment because there is absolutely nothing wrong with my changing bag! It would be super useful to be able to pop it on as a backpack though! I never have a first aid kit with me but it's such a good idea!