Sunday 22 April 2018

What was number one five, ten and twenty years ago?

So lately I've been listening to alot of music when Freddie has been in playgroup while I have been working on my laptop. I'm definitely a lover of boy bands and classic rock bands. In fact my favourite band recently got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (post coming on that soon!)

So I decided to have a look on the internet and see what was number one ten years ago and five years ago, basically to see if I could remember the songs!

So five years ago the number one single covering 22nd April was Need U (100 Percent) by Duke Dumont ft Ame. I literally have no idea who this is! I had to actually look you on YouTube who they are!

Ten years ago the number one single covering this time was American Boy by Estelle ft Kanye West. Now this is a song that I do remember and did like at the time. It wasn't the kind of song I would normally listen too, but I did hear it on numerous nights out in Manchester where I was living at the time!

and finally twenty years ago. The number one single twenty years ago was Its Like That by Run DMC versus Jason Nevins. Again this was not something I would normally listen to, but I definitely remember seeing them on Top of the Pops.

So that is what was number one five, ten and twenty years ago. I have really lost all interest in up to date music since my boys were born, so give me some classic rock music and I am happy!!

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