Wednesday 18 April 2018

What does Freddie Takes to Playgroup!

So now that Freddie is at playgroup two afternoons a week for three hours each session, I thought I should do a post on what exactly he takes with him.

The first thing that Freddie takes with him is his Mr Tumble backpack. This hangs on his peg along with his coat!

Inside his back pack we have a wet bag from Poundland and inside this we have: a vest, a t-shirt, a long sleeved top, a pair of joggers and a pair of socks! I always make sure there is a full set of spare clothes in his bag not just in case of him having an accident but the fact he is obsessed with water play and has needed to be completely changed before coming home a few times!! He is completely obsessed with water play and normally heads straight to the water table once he gets into the classroom!

The next thing in his backpack is pull-ups! Now Freddie is nowhere near ready for potty training and wears pull-ups during the day. I always make sure there is at least four in his bag just in case.

Then to go with the pull-ups we have some baby wipes. The ones we use normally use are the Aldi Mamia Fragrance Free. We have used these on Freddie since he was newborn so we know he has no problems or allergies to them. We currently have pampers fragrance free wipes in as it was all I could find when I needed a small packet to go into the bag.

The next thing to go in his bag is some nappy bags. Now these can be used not only for his wet pull up but also to put in his wet clothes. There have been times when he has only needed to have his vest, t-shirt and long sleeved top replaced after playing in the water, so his key worker leaves the dry things in the wet bag and puts the wet clothes into a nappy bag so when I get home I can just rip the bag and put them straight into the washing machine!  

The last thing to go into his bag is his hat. Now this actually only goes in when he is dropped off as it is on his head right up until we get into the cloak room. Over the winter it has been a woolie hat but as it gets into the summer I think it will be a baseball cap!

So this is what my two year old currently takes to playgroup with him, I expect that over the months things will be added and things taken away from his bag as he gets older and of course once he is potty trained. But also once he gets his free 15 hours from turning three, he will be at playgroup longer so will need to take more things!

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