Wednesday 2 July 2014

Nana's little helper

James is now at the age where he wants to help with virtually everything. His favourite job is going to put his nappies in the outside bins either at our house or at my parents house. He also likes to help nana put the washing out in the garden by handing her the pegs.

But his new favourite job is using the floor sweeper at nanas. Today James got his hair cut by his gaga and when it was nana went and got the floor sweeper to clean up the hair on the floor that James decided he wanted to do it. 

Later on we decided to go up to the local cemetery, to my mums grandparents graves. When we went up to put my nannies funeral flowers on their graves we saw the grave stones were in a bad state, really dirty and in need of a good clean. So my parents have been going up every few days with a cleaning spray and water and scrubbing them. The grave stones are so different now and can actually be read. Today James kept up his helping by holding the spare scrubbing brush and helping nana fetch clean water.

To get to the water tap you have to walk past the graves of the WWII soldiers. The photo below is James and his nana walking back with the clean water. 

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