Sunday 20 July 2014

The lounge

So the renovations have started and we have a week to do our lounge! 

We went out yesterday and bought the wallpaper for our fake chimney wall, plus we bought all our rollers brushes and other little bits we may need. 

Andy started sanding down the paint work last night while I tried to settle James down for bed, unfortunately our little boy had other plans and decided he wasn't well. So today's plan of finishing off the sanding and popping into town to get the paint for the walls andceeling have been put on hold till tomorrow. 

I'm really hoping tonight we can get the rest of the sanding done so we can go out and get the paint for the woodwork tomorrow morning then we can start doing the painting tomorrow night when James goes to bed.

This is how the chimney wall is looking today.

Oh the silver thing is a string on a balloon belonging to James 


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