Sunday 24 January 2016

Freddie at Two Months

Freddie you are now two months old! Its crazy how fast the last two months have gone! 

You started your second month with a stay in The Great North Children's Hospital with a bout of bronchiolitis. It was a long three days & nights for mummy, daddy & James and of course nana & gaga too. You had to be fed by tube for 48 hours & you were also on 0.5 litres of oxygen. Mummy never left the hospital while you were in. It broke my heart seeing you so poorly.

You are just going into 0-3 size clothing although you are still in newborn vests & also sleep suits from mamas and papas. Just like your brother your feet and legs are growing out of sleep suits before your top half! You are in size two nappies. When you were weighed at six week & five days old, Mummy was shocked to see you were 9lbs 13oz! You seem to be hitting the same weights as James did but a week or two before he did. Then when you got weighed a week later before your injections you were 10lbs 7oz! No wonder I thought you were heavy! 

Your feeding has been crazy due to your hospital stay as your feeds were reduced to only two ounces so it took a couple of weeks to get you back up to the four ounces you were on before you were ill. You are generally sleeping from 8 or 9 at night till normally around 3am, then back to sleep till around half seven. Because of this you are feeding every two hours in the day. You can also be such a fuss pot when daddy is giving you a bottle, you will take an ounce & pretend to fall asleep so daddy will pass you to mummy, then suddenly wake up & want the rest of you bottle.

You had a lovely first Christmas, despite being ill & got spoilt off our family & friends! Your favourite presents were your bean bag from nana & gaga, your baby gym from nanny & pappy and your lullaby owl from mummy & daddy.

You seem to sleep better when there is either noise around or when you are in your pram, so when James is at nursery you are normally wide awake! You have started smiling a lot lately mostly at mummy or James. You can never take your eyes of your big brother. James still has finally given you a quick cuddle & he has started stroking your head when you are in your basket. I think now you are getting bigger and vocal he's not as scared of you. 

You went to a birthday party for our friends daughter turning one, you got a nice kiss and cuddle of the birthday girl! 

You went with James for his pre school injections, he was pretty upset, yet you slept through his crying. When it was yours the week after you screamed, which mummy wasn't surprised with. You also had your eight week check at the same time & you were showing off your smile.

I wonder what you will be doing next month

Love you Freddie bear 

Love mummy xxx


  1. Awwww what a little peach he is. Sorry he was poorly at Christmas. Freddie is one of my favourite names xx

  2. Oh poor little dude! Glad he's on the mend now. Must have been such a scare. The smiles are always saved for the siblings...cute!

  3. Glad he's getting better now, must have been a scary time! The months go so fast, lovely photos x

  4. Ohhhh he is so, so cute!!! It really flies by doesn't it! I'm glad he's so much better now and growing away. xx #love2blog

  5. What a gorgeous little boy. So glad that he is better now what a horrible time for you all to see him poorly when he's so tiny. X

  6. Aww he is super cute. So sorry to hear that he has been unwell, it is always horrible to see babies ill

  7. 2 months old already! He's such a cutie. So glad James has warned to him. Sounds like he's going to a good sleeper. X