Friday 29 January 2016

Parents worst nightmare.

It must be every parents worst nightmare, getting a phone call from your child's school saying they had had an accident.

This is what happened to me yesterday. I dropped James off at school as normal then headed down to aldi for their baby event then back to the children's centre for Freddie's baby group. We had not long left the children's centre and as normal I rang my dad to see how my parents were. My phone beeped n then when I hung up I had a text saying I had missed a call from the school. I rang them straight back and found out that my poor boy had fallen over and banged his head. 

I went straight round to the main entrance and then down to the nursery, I found my boy with an ice pack on his forehead. He had been jumping and lost his balance falling over and knocking his head on one of the units.

He's still not really himself and very quiet but I'm sure he will be much better for Monday. 

**Hes had a check up with a&e and he's all good just has a nice egg on his head & bruise**


  1. awwww bless him. I hope he gets better asap. xxx

  2. Aww bless him its scary when they hurt themselves. Luckily he only got a bump to the head though and hopefully be right as rain soon.