Monday 1 August 2016

Freddie Rockin' Baby

Freddie is getting to the age where he is wanting to be into everything and trying to learn to crawl, so I'm wanting him to wear clothes that are able to withstand all the mischief he is starting to create so When Rockin' Baby got in touch and asked if we would like to try their clothes with Freddie we were thrilled! 

Rockin' Baby were a brand I had heard whispers about online, but I had never actually sat down and had a good look at the website! We were sent a t-shirt & crawling leggings from the 'Out of Africa' collection in size 6-9 months for Freddie to test out! 

The S/S16 collection is in partnership with ChildFund International and with every piece sold an item from their Hero collection will be gifted to a child in need from 30 counties. This provides vital clothing for children.

Freddie wore his crawling leggings with a dark blue vest for the last day of nursery for his big brother and he got lots of compliments from the other mums on how gorgeous they were! 
He wore the t-shirt with some grey shorts to our friends daughters birthday party. And again got lot lots of compliments on how cute it was! The fabrics are so soft against Freddie's skin and well I absolutely adore the 'Out of Africa' tropical print! 

Freddie is eight months old and we got size 6-9 months in both t-shirt and crawling leggings and there is still plenty of room in them so I can see them lasting until at least ten months if not a little bit longer. The leggings have have a double cuff on the ankles so as Freddie grows it can be unrolled to last him that little bit longer!

I will definitely be looking at purchasing some more items for Freddie and also his older brother, especially as older brother has a soft play party coming up for his fourth birthday!

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