Thursday 25 August 2016

Freddie at Nine Months

Nine months Freddie! How can you have been here nine months! I swear you were only born yesterday! 

You are wearing a mix of 6-9 and 9-12 clothes and in size 4+ nappies. You have been a dream to wean and everything you eat is homemade. You have three meals a day and normally three or four bottles depending on your mood. You love bananas and melon but your favourite fruit has to be oranges! You love mummy's pasta bake, and you definitely love a roast dinner! You love crackers and tried melba toast at nana's house. You love yoghurts and have them after lunch and tea.

You've been to another birthday party for mummy's friends little girl and you loved the soft play and even more so the families pet cat! You have also been to your big brothers fourth birthday party! 

You have been a little poorly this months with a nasty cold, but the biggest news is you have your first two teeth! They look so cute and mummy cannot wait for you to start giving toothy smiles!You have been having trouble sleeping due to your cold so mummy has saw a lot of the Olympics! 

You adore your big brother and you laugh at everything he does! You hate being dressed just like your big brother at the same age. James has got into his superheroes lately so you are often referred to as batboy by you big brother!

We are gearing up for your first trip down to Surrey to meet daddy's family, I hope you do good as we are traveling by coach and train! James was a lot younger when he first went down so he slept most of the traveling! 

Only 12 weeks now till you turn a year old! I can't believe how quick it's coming around! 

Love you always my little bear

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