Sunday 7 August 2016

Meeting Piccolo


When the invite popped into my email inbox to go and meet Alice and Emily from Piccolo at my local Mothercare I was thrilled! Freddie is now eight months old and he's loving weaning! But I still had a lot of questions about different aspects! 


At a weaning class I went to at our local children's centre they said babies can have full fat milk in cooking and on cereal from six months old, however when we have tried this with Freddie he has vomited the food straight back up with in a few minutes. I myself cannot tolerate full fat milk, so after talking to Alice we worked out that it could be due to me not being able to tolerate the milk that Freddie can't tolerate it. Also at the event was the lovely Jess and the gorgeous Woody from Nora&Co.

We got a selection of the food pouches given to us to try at the event and I was excited to try them with Freddie! The flavours were: Red Pepper Squash and Chickpea, Spring Greens, Cherry and Yoghurt, Apple and Peach, Apple and Apricot and finally Banana Blueberry and Apple.


The first one we tried was the Red pepper, squash and chickpea. Freddie loves pasta so I decided to mix some of it into some pasta to see what he thought and he loved it! I even tasted some of it myself and it was so yummy! It would make a great sauce on pasta for James as well! 

The second one we tried was the Cherry and yoghurt. I decided to give Freddie this for his breakfast as I like to give him a variety of breakfasts and not the same things everyday. He absolutely loved it! Yoghurts are one of Freddie's favourite foods so I had a feeling he would enjoy it! Mummy again gave it a taste and it was so nice! I would probably stir some into porridge for a breakfast for me!

We tried the Banana, Blueberry & Apple mixed into some porridge and again it went down so well that when we tried to give him plain porridge he turned his nose up at it.

Freddie is absolutely loving trying all the different flavours especially when we add them to his favourite foods like rice and pasta or his porridge on a morning. 

We had a fantastic time at the event and are looking forward to experimenting with the different flavours we still have left to try!


Disclaimer: We were invited to this event & gifted the Piccolo products. All words are my own

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