Friday 24 March 2017

Messy Mat Review

With a weaning baby, you are guaranteed messy meal times! With a four year old you are pretty much guaranteed mess wherever you go! 

When Messy Me got in touch and offered us one of their messy mats to review we were thrilled! We chose to receive the mat in navy with white stars. 

Freddie is a very messy eater who likes launching food across the floor! My rug has been saved a number of times especially when Freddie took it upon himself to kick his bowl of porridge out my hands one breakfast time! 

The mat is basically a giant oil cloth and we love it! It is wipe clean and it has literally been a godsend since it arrived! 
Before we got the mat we were having to get our Hoover out at least three times a day now all we need to do is shake the mat of outside! James is a little disappointed though that the Hoover is not out as much as well he does love our hoover! 
We are looking forward to using the mat more over the coming weeks especially as the Easter holidays are coming up in a few weeks which means lots of messy painting with James! I generally don't like getting the paint out, but I can see the messy mat saving my table and floor from the paint!

Disclaimer: We received the Messy Mat free of charge in exchange for this honest review. All opinions and photos are our own! 

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