Saturday 4 March 2017

Redesigning James Bedroom - The Shape and Layout

We have been living in our house now for nearly two years and to be honest we have done nothing to James bedroom at all apart from putting in a roller blind! I do have a series of posts lined up on paints and furniture we are aiming to get for his room so this post is basically on the layout and shape of his room!

As the room is such an odd shape we are going to have to use the space wisely when we start to redecorate and redesign his room to make it more suitable for him!

The room currently had built in wardrobes, a horrible carpet and horrible white puffy wallpaper! Below you can see the shape of his room without anything in it!
As you can see it is a very odd shape. The alcove on the right is actually above our stair case and currently is a dumping group for all his toys! 

Below you can see how his room is set out at the moment. Having the wardrobes where they are currently makes a a long dark passage into his room. His bed is actually in front of his window and radiator so his bed is sucking all the heat away from the rest of the room
Below is what  we are hoping to start doing to his room in the next month or so. We are going to take the wardrobes out and move them to the alcove. This new layout will give James so much more floor space to play and enjoy his room. at the moment all he does is actually sleep in his room as there is not much space for him to play with his toys or even set up his wooden train set.

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