Monday 26 June 2017

James is Turning Five - The Invites!

So James is turning five and he asked for a Spiderman Soft Play party at our local sports centre!

So the first thing mummy did was jump on the internet and start looking at spiderman party invitations and to be honest none of the ones I looked at jumped out at me.

So I decided to take the plunge and design something myself!

By doing this I could put all the important information on in the design process saving myself time writing it all out!

When you have a class of 30 children plus friends with children its an awful lot of invites to write giving yourself a very sore hand!! So by putting all the main information on in the design process, all I actually needed to do once they were printed and cut out was put each child's name onto the invite.

So mummy sat down one morning while Freddie was having a nap, jumped onto the internet and found some great Spiderman images and imported them into Paint Shop Pro and away I went and this is what I came up with:

Not bad for a morning nap times work!


  1. Cute invitations! Spider-Man soft play sounds like an awesome party! I'd love to be five again! Happy birthday to your little man!

  2. Spiderman soft play? Sounds fab! Doing your own invites is a good idea to save some money.

  3. We had the whole class party this year too - must be the thing when you're 5?! Love the spiderman invites :)

  4. Aw what lovely invites, my little Archie is also Spider man crazy. He loves his superheroes. I love that you have made your own invites. xxx

  5. A spiderman party sounds fun! I hope James has a great birthday! x