Tuesday 14 November 2017

Bibetta Cover all bib

With a busy toddler, meal time are definitely challenging and very messy! So when Bibetta offered us one of their cover all bibs we jumped at the chance! Freddie is at the stage where he wants to feed himself so normally we get food all over the clothes!

This bib was an utter godsend when we went to stay with my parents obtain he school half term holiday. They don't have a proper highchair for Freddie, only a booster seat that clips onto a chair, but it doesn't have a tray, so with Freddie wanting to feed himself, a cover all bib is a necessity! 

Made out of neoprene and machine washable at 30, it is also tumbler dryer proof, which with a messy boy like Freddie, is a godsend as everything goes in our tumble dryer! 

With elasticated cuffs there is no chance of Freddie getting food down the inside, which is a regular occurrence in his other cover all bibs! 

Freddie was wanting to feed himself his breakfast, which was porridge, and even though he dropped some it went on his bib rather than himself or more importantly his pjs! 

I can safely say this bib is brilliant and I think it will be first thing into our bag when we go to see nana and gaga!

**We were sent this bib free of charge in excess for this review, all words and pictures are our own**

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