Wednesday 8 November 2017

School Day Routine

I have never really wrote about our routine on a normal school day. So I thought I would give it a go!

The day normally starts between the six and seven when the boys wake up. Normally it is Freddie awake first, but there have been days when James has woken up first!

We try and get James dressed for school straight away as he likes to muck about, then one of us will take the boys downstairs and sort breakfast while the other has a bath or shower and get dressed. We then swap over and the other goes up for a bath or shower while the other does washing up and makes tea and coffee and dresses Freddie.

We are normally all ready by ten past eight at the latest. We normally chill out and let the boys watch Octonauts before starting the final rush out the door. 

We start putting the shoes and coats on and going to toilet at twenty five past eight, this starts with changing Freddie's bum and putting his coat and shoes on and strapping him into the pram. Once he is ready and strapped into his pram, mummy does the final check of all James stuff. In his bag he will have his hat and gloves, his reading book, his homework diary and his waterbottle. We then put in any extra things like permission slips and money he needs. 

We are generally leaving the house just after half past eight. It takes us five minutes to walk round to the school so we are normally at the gate for it opening at 0845.

First thing James does once the gate is open is have a look at the lunch menu which is on the window by the door. His TA normally comes to open the main door at 0850 and James is normally one of the first ones to bounce through the door and up the stairs to the year one class room!

Daddy then goes to work and Mummy and Freddie go home. I'm normally back in the house by 9am with a cup of tea while Freddie plays.

Freddie tends to go down for a nap at about 10am and he normally sleeps till at least 12, so that gives mummy time to get out the laptop and do emails and blog posts!

Mummy will normally have an early lunch around half past eleven while Freddie is still asleep and get the tea prepared for that night.

Once Freddie is awake its time for him to have his lunch and a bum change and a drink. We then watch some Cbeebies while mummy has another cup of tea. Freddie will often lie on the floor and play with his trucks and James cars.

We then start the wind up to school pick up around two pm. We start at about two fifteen by checking Freddie's nappy and changing him if needed. Then its time to get his hat coat and gloves on and then strap him into the pram. Once Freddie is in the pram mummy will get her self ready and get coat and shoes on.

We tend to leave to go up to the school at around quarter to three. This gives mummy a chance to catch up with James pals mums and siblings before the kids come out at three fifteen.

We are normally home by half past three, Where its drink and snack time for the boys while mummy finishes off sorting the tea out.

The boys normally have their tea between half four and five, Then its chill out and wind down time with Cbeebies. If James has been good he will get some time on his tablet.

Daddy finishes work at six so he is normally home around quarter to seven, so mummy tries to have both boys into their pjs and Freddie settled down with a bottle.

Both kids are normally in bed by half seven at the latest. Although Freddie is a terrible sleeper at the moment and has to be settled downstairs before being moved into bed once James is asleep, as if we try and settle them both upstairs they both seem to cause chaos!

So this is our daily school routine! Would love to hear about yours!! 

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