Wednesday 15 November 2017

We Made Me Pao Papoose

We made me is a brand I have lusted after since Freddie was a few months old. I looked at buying their wutti wrap, but I thought Freddie was a bit old and we wouldn't get much use out of it. So when they asked if we would like to review the Pao Papoose I jumped at the chance!

When I got the text to tell me when it was due to be delivered I was very excited! It arrived literally ten minutes before we had to leave to pick up James from school, so I only had time to open the box and take a few photos of the carrier in its case!

The first thing that jumped out at me was the carry case it came in! This is a brilliant idea as it keep the carrier all together and it fits perfectly in the basket of our mamas and papas sola pushchair, so I know it will also fit into the basket of our mamas and papas armadillo too!

We have it a quick test in in the house after school and Freddie was loving it. He was able to put his hands round my neck and give cuddles!

We took it out on a proper test run the next morning. We were running late for school so I thought it would be easier to put Freddie into the Pao Papoose instead of fighting him into the pram. He absolutely loved it! He was high up so he could see so much more. He was able to snuggle into me for cuddles. It was also ideal for me as it meant I could hold James hand as we walked.

 Our second go with the Pao Papoose was a more rushed affair, James was meant to be staying for karate club after school, but he had a slight wobble and his old reception teacher had to phone me to come and get him. It was so much quicker to throw on the Pao Papoose and click Freddie into it than wrestle him into the pram. It also mean I had two free hands for the short walk back from the school with James and all his stuff! 

Over all we are totally in love with the Pao Papoose. Next in my list it to try Freddie in a back carry! There are some brilliant videos on YouTube from We Made Me showing all the different carries you can do with the Pao Papoose!

Since we received the Pao Papoose I would say we would use it at least once a week, especially on the afternoon school run if we are running late, which we quite often are especially if Freddie has had a late nap and not woken up till quite late!! 

Disclaimer: We were sent the We Made Me Pao Papoose free of charge in exchange for our honest review. All opinions and images are our own

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