Tuesday 5 December 2017

Calibre Products Knee Support

Ever since I injured my knee when I was 15 I have suffered badly when it was cold with pain. Since that first injury I have suffered two more major injuries and have been on crutches twice.

For me winter is the worst time of year for suffering pain, The cold makes my knee joint ache and feel so sore when I'm walking around or playing with the boys.

So when Calibre Products got in touch and asked if I would like to try out one of their Knee supports I jumped at the chance! Ever since my worst injury where I put a minor tear in my cruciate ligament, the pain in the ligaments has felt so much worse! I absolutely hate the cold and sometimes I have to rely on either deep heat cream or little heat packs on my knee when I go out and about. 

Calibre say "The Calibre Support Knee Brace is an ergonomically designed support that aids you on a day-to-day basis providing stabilisation for sporting, occupational or leisure activities. Manufactured from high quality breathable neoprene, it provides great heat retention to nurture the healing process. Lasting long into the future."

The Calibre knee support is an open patella and it is strapped around via strong velcro. I have found that I have to tighten the bottom velcro before the top otherwise it can slide down my leg! 

But over all this product is absolutely brilliant, it helps me to manage the pain I get in cold weather by keeping my knee warm and supporting it. I wear it most days especially on the school run as it is freezing cold! By wearing this knee support I can do so much more in the winter! Everything that it says in the description is true! It definitely retains heat which means I have not had to use any of the heat creams to help my knee when out and about. It gives my knee the support it needs when walking and running after Freddie and James! 

The product is available to buy for £9.90 on Amazon.

**We were sent a voucher to purchase this product on Amazon, but all words and pictures are my own!**


  1. Fab review. I suffer a lot with my knee too and honestly never thought of a knee support. I will give this a go, thank you x

  2. This sounds r4eally useful, my husband has problems with his legs, so will pass the details on to him!

  3. This sounds really useful. I suffer terribly with one of my knees, I will have to take a look see if it can help me!

  4. Sounds like this would be a lifesaver! I’m the exact same in Winter, my joints go to pot!

  5. This sounds great! I get so achy in winter too xx