Monday 16 April 2018

Living Arrows 2018 16/53

Welcome back to Living Arrows week 16! Sixteen weeks is four months and I am so proud of myself for completing four months of weekly posts on my beautiful boys!

James has gone back to school today after his Easter break and boy was mummy ready! Although to be fair I only actually had the two boys on my own for one day! The first week of the holidays Andy was on holiday too so there was an extra pair of hands around for the boys, then the second week of the holidays James went to stay with Nana and Gaga from the Tuesday till Thursday on his own then Mummy and Freddie joined him Thursday to Saturday and James then stayed again on the Saturday night and came home on Sunday to go out for Mummys early birthday meal!

Freddie has been such a little monkey these holidays, with lots of copying from his big brother! He did really miss him when he went to stay with Nana and Gaga for them few days and was thrilled to be reunited with him once him and mummy went up!

Before James went to stay with Nana and Gaga we had a lovely day weather wise where we took a walk to Tesco first thing, then came home and played then cooked the evening meal and then had lunch and headed out to our local park!

The boys had a brilliant time playing on the swings and slides, while James saw one of his friends from school and played with her for a little bit while I chased the little whirlwind around!! We then went to the local shop and bought some ice lollies that James chose!!



Living Arrows


  1. Lovely images and I love those big swings that are big enough for more than one. Brought back some special memories - thank you #LivingArrows

  2. I love those swings shots! Sometimes holidays go so fast and other times they last far too long! x