Monday 8 October 2018

Living Arrows 2018 41/53

Welcome back to another week of Living Arrows hosted by Donna over at What The Redhead Said. If you are new to this then the name of the linky comes from the poem by Kahlil Gibran "You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth"

It's been another busy week getting ready for our holiday! James has had a great week at school and is getting so excited about our upcoming trip! On Saturday we went to a BBQ at James Beavers Scout Hut! The boys had a brilliant running around and James loved showing daddy and Freddie where he comes for Beavers. Mummy has actually already got Freddie's name down for Beavers!

Freddie had a great week at playgroup again! He loves going for his two sessions a week! I am wondering how he is going to react in January when he goes in for more as once he turns three he gets his funded 15 hours. So we have decided for him to do one full day and three half days as a morning session and two afternoons! On Monday Freddie had actually got up for the day at 5am do he ended up crashing out on the sofa for an hour!

The boys have decided or should that be James has decided he wants to share a room with Freddie so once we are back from holiday we are going to start putting the plans into motion to redo James bedroom and make it into a room for both of them, starting with getting them bunk beds!

Living Arrows

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