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Supporting Creativity in Your Kids

Supporting Creativity in Your Kids
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Children are naturally creative from a young age, and if you nurture that creativity as they grow it will get even better. Their imaginations are far superior to ours, and a recent study showed that this helps them to cope with pain and stress. Creativity can make them more confident, become socially adept and make learning easier.

Give Them Space

Find a space in your home for them to be creative. It does not need to be a large space or a special room. The corner of their bedroom or the living room could be ideal. Just make sure they have things they can be creative with. Dressing up clothes, a bag of Lego, plenty of crayons, pencils and paper are a good start. The important factor is that it is their space and they feel free to do whatever they want in it.

It should be a simple area. It does not need to have a lot of expensive toys and gadgets. The coolest kids bedroom furniture; the kind of furniture that allows them to explore and imagine, such as beds that are pirate ships or which have slides to come down from in the morning,  can make the difference between your child being creative or not. It gives them more to think about and they will enjoy creative play far more with it in place.

Give Them Time

It’s great them having the space they need but they also need the time to use it. Don’t organise every minute of their day. Let them have a few hours without scheduled activities so they can potter and do things at their own pace.

Unless they ask for your help, leave them to do their own thing. Managing them takes away the need for them to be creative themselves.

Show Them The World
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The best places to take your kids to activate their senses are places like art galleries, museums, libraries and outdoors. This does not mean that they should never go to theme parks and have fun, it is just that at some point they should visit these other places as well.

Apart from encouraging their creativity, these sorts of venues can also be educational.

Help Them Pursue Their Passions

If your child becomes interested in a particular subject, make sure they have the materials and activities to help them. A child interested in art, for example, you could buy an easel and varying sorts of paints for. If their love is motorcars, you could buy them books about them and let them watch some of the programs on TV or Youtube that are car related. Some children become interested in subjects that you may know very little about, and then they may need help from other people to be able to progress with them.

Be Creative Yourself

Kids learn by example, and if you are creative your children are more likely to be. Join in with colouring and drawing from when they are young, you might actually find you enjoy it. Many parents do which is why there are so many adult colouring books available. If they want you to dress up with them, play the part they want. You may be surprised at the fun you have and certainly, it is a great bonding exercise for the whole family.

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