Friday 11 October 2019

Blogtober Day Eleven

Today's prompt is "Lets Go Outside"

Both my boys love being outside! They love puddles, They love mud, They love water! They just love being in the the outdoors! Freddie especially will jump in every puddle he finds on the way to school whether he is wearing his wellies or not! He jumped wearing his trainers last week and got a shock when he got home and realised he had soggy socks and soggy shoes!

So for the rest of this post its going to be a collection of photographs of the boys enjoying themselves outside over the summer holidays whether it was in Nana and Gaga's garden, or at the beach or just out walking!


  1. My youngest is such an outdoorsy girl and even at 11 still loves a sneaky puddle jump. Fab pics

  2. There is no greater joy in life than jumping in puddles with gusto! Remember my OH telling me off years ago with our first son when i let him jump in puddles with his school shoes on - my take on it was shoes can be replaced but memories can't #Blogtober19

  3. Aww! What lovely photos! My girls are loving being outside lately. My youngest is still keen to jump in puddles. She loves it x