Friday 25 October 2019

Blogtober Day Twenty Five

Today the prompt is "Counting Down"

James has been counting down to the school half term holiday which they actually broke up from school for yesterday.

It has been such a long and stressful half term, not just for James with having his teeth out, but for the school community in general after the tragic death of a pupil in our school.

Both the boys are so tired and are ready to have a break, although I expect that Freddie will not take to kindly to being off school for a week. He has really settled into the nursery but he is so tired when he gets home and he refuses to have a nap meaning he is asking to go to bed at half past five, then he is normally wide away at half past five in the morning. 

We are now also on the one month count down to Freddie turning four! It is exactly one calendar month today till our little dude is four years old! James is very excited for his brother turning four, we have started buying his birthday presents and James has chosen to get him a toy skip lorry!

I expect once we have had Freddie's birthday, both the boys will be counting down to Christmas!

What is everyone else counting down too?


  1. Have a fab half term. It sounds like you're ready for it.
    How exciting for Freddie to have his birthday. It's my 40th next month and I can't wait x

  2. We've been right with you counting down until half term! So relieved we've made it, my two are so ready for the break from school! x #Blogtober19

  3. How sad about that death - ripple effect with such events always. I have two sons with imminent birthdays and then Christmas. Also hoping for a trip to the UK but not sure when it will happen. Oh and I guess we are all counting down the Election now! #Blogtober19