Saturday 26 October 2019

Blogtober Day Twenty Six

Day Twenty Six, we are almost at the end of Blogtober - We have five days to go!

Today I am going to talk about the boys favourite toys.

First of all we have CB.
James has had CB or to give him his full name Cranberry Bear since he was around fifteen months old. We got him one day when we were in Newcastle at Card Factory and James literally fell in love with him and he took him everywhere! CB went to nursery every day with James. He has been so well loved and James hates to be apart from him. He has even been on the two Beaver camps that James has already been on and he's recently been to Kielder on the school residential.

Then we have Moo.
Freddie has lots of different teddies, but he never really took to any of them till he got Moo. He won Moo on a hook a duck at our local community fair in August 2018 and he literally fell in love with him! He takes Moo with him most days with him. Quite often he will leave Moo at home but virtually every day he does take Moo with him!

Both boys take their CB and Moo to bed with them every night, so they are both very well loved. Moo has had a few drys in the tumble dryer from when hes got wet in the rain or he has needed a sponge bath after hes had food dropped on him!

What are your kids like with their Teddies?

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