Sunday 13 October 2019

Blogtober Day Thirteen

The prompt I am using today is Movies!

The last movie that I actually saw in the cinema was Peter Rabbit! I haven't been to the cinema to see a proper adults non kids movie since I saw The Kings Speech years ago. I always see things advertised on the side of buses or on the TV and think oh I would love to see that but then life and kids take hold and by the time we have a child free night the film is out of the cinema and there is nothing else left to go and see!

Christmas however I love all the movies that come on TV. My favourite Christmas film is Santa Claus the movie. I have great memories of it being on TV every Christmas Eve and I would be curled up on an arm chair or the sofa at my Nannies house watching it. 

Now having two boys I love passing on the traditions of watching Christmas movies together! Last year James was all about The Gruffalo and The Stickman. I cannot wait to see what movies are going to be shown on BBC and ITV this year!!

James has really got into Harry Potter this last year so I am hoping we can watch some of the films over the school Christmas holidays! 

Anyone have any good movie suggestions for a seven year old and almost 4 year old? Comment your favourites below!


  1. I never go to the cinema unless it's to see a kids film with my girls. The last film we saw at the cinema was Toy Story 4.
    I love Christmas films. I think my favourite at the moment is either Love Actually or Elf!
    I love the BBC Christmas films. I amd a big fan of The Gruffalo.
    We're watching Harry Potter as I write this. I love those films x

  2. I've not been to the cinema in awhile it's hard when u have kids. My son wont sit for a film yet so we cant really go as a family. #blogtober