Sunday 6 October 2019

Blogtober Day Six

Today the prompt I am using is "I am never without..."
And typically the one thing I never go anywhere without is my mobile phone! It's such a cliche and it is probably the same for most people.

The furthest I have ever actually gone without taking my phone is to the school as our school is literally five minutes from our front door! If I am making a quick trip to collect one of the boys then I don't really need to take it, but any further afield then its the first thing I pick up!

Once I start running the Beaver colony, my phone will become even more important as parents and other leaders will have my number to contact me to let me know if kids will be missing sessions. It will also be used for taking photographs at events and sharing them with parents.

So what sort of phone do I use? In the last few months I have started using a Sony Xperia L3 and I absolutely adore it! It has a nice big screen which is a must for me and the back camera is 13mp! It also can be unlocked with my finger print and not just a pin number which is fantastic, especially when the boys are always watching over my shoulder to try and find out the pin number so they can get into my phone to watch YouTube!

The only other thing I am never without is my house keys! If I am out of the house even if Andy is at home, nine times out of ten I will take mine with me so I can get back in when I get home, as we have to keep the door locked and keys out the door most of the time as Freddie has discovered how to unlock and open our front door the little monster!

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  1. I am never without my phone either.
    They are really handy things though. x