Saturday 28 June 2014


We moved into our house just over two months ago and have finally made a start on the garden. The garden does need a lot of work but today we cut back the overgrown herb garden which was full of weeds. Sadly we haven't been able salvage any of the herbs as the rosemary bush was so overgrown it had basically killed the rest.

This was the garden a few weeks ago before we had cut the grass for first time.

And this is a work in progress from today.

As you can we have started to remove the bushes on the right hand side. This bed is hopefully going to become our new herb garden and the bed to the left by the tree will be our new vegetable patch.

We have a tiny bed by the back door which I have spent all afternoon pruning back ready to dig out the dead bushes tomorrow.

I will keep you all updated on our work in progress garden and house! 

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