Friday 20 June 2014

Traveling with a toddler part one

So Friday we travelled up to Aberdeen to spend the weekend with our friends.

I was so scared about travelling up on the train with James as it was his first long train trip since August last year when he was literally just a year old.

We had a few cases of pass the toddler over the table before James finally passed out for about half an hour then he had some food. Changing a nappy on a moving train with a wriggling toddler was an experience to say the least. At least the toilet was small enough for me to stop James letting himself out while mummy was using the loo!

Andy spent the majority of the first leg trying to stop James annoying other passengers. Poor boy is so used to being on the go all the time and never sitting still that being so restricted on the train really seemed to upset him and of course tire out mummy and daddy.

That was only part one we still have to do the return leg in a few days at a different time of day.

Stay tuned for part two coming in a few days!!!

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