Tuesday 10 February 2015

Glacé Cherry Sponge Cake

So Andy is at work today and we knew he would be feeling bored so we decided to make him a cake to cheer him up when he gets home.

This is a cake I used to make when I was a child with my nannie so decided to try and recreate it for Andy. 

250g self raising flour
100g sugar
75g butter/stork
20g glacé cherries
2 eggs

First I always soften the butter in the microwave as it makes it easier to mix in the sugar.

Then add in the first egg. 

Add in some of the flour.

I then add in the second egg mixing it in well. I cut the cherries in half and rince them and in cold water and toss them in some of the flour and add to the mix then add in rest of the flour.

I then put into a loaf tin and put in the oven on gas mark four for 33 minutes as our oven is slightly temprimental but checked after 28 minutes by sticking sharp clean knife into the middle of the cake.

I greased the sides and bottom of the loaf tin with stork.


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