Friday 6 February 2015

Munich Remembered 57 Years

One thing I try not to go on about is football. But yep I'm a football geek. When it comes to eleven men kicking a ball about for ninety minutes I'm the nerd who wants to watch.

I am a massive Manchester United fan and by massive I mean massive. When I was growing up my bed room was floor to ceeling Manchester United. James even has my old duvet cover on his bed. 

But today is an important day in the history of my club. 57 years ago at four minutes past three, seven of our young and talented players perished on the snowy runway in Munich. The eighth player to die - Duncan Edwards lost his life fifteen days later. The team had been returning from a European cup match against Red Star Belgrade when the plane had to stop to refuel.

2008 was the 50th anniversary of the disaster and at that time I was a student at Salford University and I was lucky enough to get some work experience with MUTV working on the documentary they were making to mark the disaster. I spent many hours in Manchester central library looking at old film of the newspapers in the days after the crash, the funerals of the players and the first game after.

My dad was only four when Munich happened yet as a fan he learned about it, he the. Passed it onto me. I remembered hearing about Munich from an early age. 

I aim as James grows up to teach him about the history of our great club.

Munich 1958 players numbered 1 9 5 & 8 were the only players to survive.

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