Monday 2 February 2015

New crayons from old crayons

Every child I know seems to have a box of crayons and if they are anything like James them about ninety percent will probably be broken. 

I saw on Pinterest about melting down old crayons and using ice cube moulds to make new shaped ones. Now our mould is heart shaped so we set about making our new from old crayons.

First we dug out all the crayons of the same colour but different shades, ie all the Reds, all the greens, all the blues etc.

We broke them and unpeeled the paper off them and put them into an old pan.

Then we tured the heat on low and watched them slowly melt. We used a wooden spatula to stir and mix the melted wax then we poured into our mould. 

We then put our mould into a ceramic dish and poured cold water round the side to help the crayons set.

Once they were set, we popped them out of the mould and hey presto new heart shaped crayons from old broken crayons.

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