Monday 23 February 2015

The week that never was

So last week was the school half term holidays, pancake day and Chinese New Year. So there was loads on at places in Newcastle - museums, Bill quay farm, eldon square, metro centre. Plus our toddler group was still on.

So what did we do? We did nothing! Yep not one of the things I had planned were done. And why was this?

Yes illness hit the house! James came down with a horrible horrible cold and nasty cough. He was generally a clingy grumpy monkey and all he wanted to do was cuddle up to his mummy and watch episodes of Peppa Pig. We did escape for a walk once a day either to tesco or asda or into Newcastle to pick something up at the shop. James though spent most of the trips out asleep in his big pram cuddled up to CB. 

He did get a new friend though when mummy took him into town to pick bits up. He got an Easter bunny from an offer at poundland who he has named erm supermarket (no idea why!)

Now mummy and daddy have both caught James germs and are ill but we are battling on. James still not 100% better but hopefully he turned a corner. Just wish this cough would go though!!

We have a fab product to review this week so excited to get the testing done and share it!!!

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