Thursday 5 March 2015

**Review** Design a T-shirt kit

When the people from got in touch with us offering us one of their design kits for James I was thrilled.

The kit consisted of a fruit of the loom t-shirt, a t-shirt transfer, fabric pens, and full instructions for the ironing of the transfer and the after care for washing.

First thing that I did was position the transfer onto the t-shirt. I then ironed the transfer onto the tshirt. James is mad about construction vehicles, so I was pleased to see he had been sent a dumper truck transfer.

I then left the tshirt to cool down so I could remove the backing paper.

Once the tshirt was cool, I removed the backing paper and revealed the dumper truck on the tshirt. 

Now it's ready to hand over to James to decorate with the fabric pens.

James got very excited when he saw the pens and the t-shirt. He wanted to do big splotches of colour. He then discovered (with the help of mummy), that scrunched up kitchen paper gave a great effect.

He had a great time putting the colour on and then using the kitchen roll to make a pattern.

The final tshirt is now hanging up to dry. I cannot wait for James to be able to wear this and show of his handy work.

** sent us this kit free of charge in exchange for our honest review**

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