Sunday 8 March 2015

What's in my make up bag

I'm seeing a lot of what's in my...? posts at the moment on different blogs, so I thought I would do a post on what's in my make up bag.

This is my small bag with what I would normally wear on a day out. I have another big case in my wardrobe with some other stuff in, but this is what I'm favouriting at the moment.

These are the eye shadows I have in the bag at the moment. The one at the back is an Estée Lauder 02 Cappuccino. I got this a few years ago as a birthday present and it's been in and out my bag ever since. In front of that we have my two latest buys from the new range at poundland. We have Pink Champagne number 4 and Vintage Rose number 6. At the very front is colour trend by Avon spirits. Again this was a purchase a few years ago and has been in and out my make up bag.

Here we have from left to right my Max Factor Masterclass under eye concealer in Ivory 303, this was first purchased four years ago when we got married and was worn on our wedding day. Then we have my new buy again from the poundland range, never ending story lengthening mascara. This is really good. I absolutely love it and it's great for just popping on quickly. Finally we have my Max Factor Masterpiece high definition mascara. Again this was another wedding purchase and loved it and still do four years later.

Again left to right we have Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Tint in shade 08. This was bought a couple of years ago for my best friends hen party as I needed a darker lip colour that would stay put all night and it worked. Then we have two lip salves. Normally these are in my drawers. But seeing as we are due to be moving so. They got put in the bag. Then we have my two new colours again from the poundland range. We have 01 perfectly nude this is perfect for wearing during the day. Then we have 18 black cherry. This is a fantastic colour for wearing on a night out. I have worn it on a day time but it's just too dark for daytime.

Finally we have my foundation and blusher. The Max Factor weightless foundation again was another wedding purchase and has been bought and bought again since as it lasts all day and suits my skin. Then we have the poundland gorgeous flawless in Ivory 1. I have just bought this so haven't actually tried it yet but hoping to try it this week. Then will review it in full. Finally we have my Max Factor blusher in 220 classic rose. This is the actual one I bought for my wedding day four years ago. I don't wear blusher much. Normally only on a night out, so no wonder it's still going strong four years later!!!

So that's what's currently in my makeup bag. If you can think of any products you think I might like leave a comment or drop me an email. 

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